Service-based businesses are no longer competing in a local market. Due to maturing markets and global competition, small business owners are finding themselves in dwindling markets with negative growth curves and diminished profits. Only those service-based entrepreneurs and professionals who have a “laser focus” and are the “only game in town” will survive and grow. Clearly identifying your most valuable niche is vital for all successful businesses. Download our "Diamond Niche Process" Whitepaper here.


Process Curriculum & Outline

Some of the many benefits of practicing Mindfulness are recognizing and avoiding automatic and habitual reactions, responding more effectively to complex and challenging emotional situations, bringing greater clarity and vision to one’s daily life, and achieving greater work life balance.

Mindfulness operates on the premise that our ego automatically seeks control and that the mind “has a mind of its own.” This automatic behavior requires guidance through a unique practice of setting one’s ego aside and accessing what is called the “SupraSelf.” (Supra means “above and beyond,” and is a very real aspect of our identity, one existing beyond the reach of our ego, willfulness and need for control.)  Here is the curriculum outline for The Practice of Mindfulness program.

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Have you noticed that the market is completely different than 3 years ago? Businesses that have not focused directly on their niche market are witnessing the negative impact. Entrepreneurs are caught in a vicious cycle of negative growth and plummeting profits. Due to increased competition and global presence, multiple professionals find themselves chasing the same clients. Having an optimized niche is essential to breaking this cycle.

  • Identify what are the most targeted niche markets and focus on clarifying the solution your business delivers.
  • Engage effective marketing my focusing on where your most highly invested clients congregate.
  • Implement a system to have qualified lead generation for next six months.
  • Adopt and integrate “Ethical Sales” marketing material customized for your specific audience and market.
  • Avoid spending months or years in stagnant growth by becoming less visible and profitable in a maturing market.

The Business

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Communicating differentiated value to clients is essential. Any successful niched business solves a specific problem.  Discover your differentiated business value by uncovering the most valuable offering for your best clients.

  • Identify the urgent problem that leads clients to make to the buying decision.
  • Leverage your business to reach the largest number of pre-qualified clients.
  • Position your company to be viewed as most valuable by your market.

Rapid Growth


Rather than wasting years marketing to people that can't afford your service identify rapid growth and high growth markets.

  • Discover which of the four high growth markets your business is best suited.
  • Leverage your authenticity and business acumen to attract your best clients.
  • Find which market you have a 'head start' in to position your company for rapid growth.
  • Integrate the authentic value you offer to the sector.


Lead Generation

  • Assess if your company is currently in an over-saturated market.
  • Integrate the “Blue Ocean Strategy” to find markets where you offer high value, have high visibility and low competition.
  • Engage effective marketing by focusing on where your most highly invested clients congregate.
  • Implement a system that has a track record of generating 6 months of qualified leads.




Integrate the Diamius proprietary “Genius System” into your market strategy to immediately convey your value and differentiate your business. Utilize this system for developing multiple offerings to anchor sustainable growth.

Diamond Niche Process: Diamius Comparative Engagement Index (Five Facets of Development)

Diamius Development Model SmallHere at Diamius Multinational we believe in an integrated approach to development. The five facets of personal and professional development we focus on are, Love, Aliveness, Abundance, Belonging and Joy. These five can be shaped into a powerful convergence or "point of clarity" much like the facets of a diamond come together at the apex of its brilliance. As we "polish" each facet it enhances the brilliance of the whole of who we are. The bar graph to the left shows the degree of engagement and results you can expect by participating in this particular Diamius resource or program.

  • LOVE (Faith, Honor, Compassion, Devotion, Gratitude) 50%
  • ALIVENESS (Vitality, Wellness, Spirituality, Emotionality) 70%
  • ABUNDANCE (Wealth, Funding, Income, Career, Contribution) 95%
  • BELONGING (Social, Relations, Family, Spouse, Friends) 55%
  • JOY (Creativity, Leisure, Expression, Travel, Learning) 65%

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