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Love, Aliveness, Abundance, Belonging, Joy

"I didn't think you could do it. But, my relationship with Melissa has been changed forever. You are our Ceaser Milan."

Joan Rivers

“World Class Advisors.”

Sir Richard Branson

Fouder & CEO, Virgin Group

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"Exceptional command and deep experience!"

Jeff Hoffman

Former CEO,

The SupraSelf Life Mentoring Program reaches deep into the “who you are” of your inner greatness, or what we call your SupraSelf*. This powerful high-level self-development process has been successfully delivered to hundreds of Fortune 50 executives, enterprise-level country leaders, global thought leaders and world-class entrepreneurs. Facilitated by Master Mentors, Val Jon Farris and Elizabeth Davidson, the SupraSelf Life Mentoring Program is designed for those who are ready to “take themselves on,” by venturing far beyond their familiar limits and into "the center path" within that leads to extraordinary dimensions of presence, purpose and power. The power of the SupraSelf manifests into five very specific areas of our lives; Love, Aliveness, Abundance, Belonging and Joy. For more detailed information about the SupraSelf Development Context and the principles responsible for our quantum results click here.

* The SupraSelf is the highest state of human awareness, identity and personal presence we can attain. While “Supra” refers to “above” or “greater than,” it’s not “better than” other aspects of the identity. Rather, the SupraSelf can be understood as a “container” which holds the entire continuum of our identity, from the most basic survival and ego-driven facets, all the way to the highly evolved, spiritual dimensions of our nature. It must be stressed that the SupraSelf itself, much like a “bowl” does not share any of the characteristics of the “fruit” it holds.  Therefore it is not a spiritual phenomenon, nor is it based on love, transcendence, morality, or any other religious or philosophical construct. It is rather a dynamic state of higher "supra-awareness" in which all the facets of our identity become available to us as resources for bringing about greater presence, purpose and power in our lives. To download our SupraSelf Mentoring Context Whitepaper, click here.


Level of Dedication Required By Client

Client Experience Level . . . . (1 = Novice 10 = Accomplished)

Minimum Program Length (Months)

Maximum Program Length (Months)

SupraSelf Scalable Mentoring Overview

The SupraSelf Life Mentoring Program is highly customizable and scalable.  Our clients choose from a wide variety of personal and professional mentoring resources to create a focused development process that meets their specific life needs.  (Note: While our Diamius resource curriculum is organized in structured formats, the materials are calibrated and tailored to each individual client.) Selected resources are then arranged within three long-term formats ranging from 6, to 9, to 12 months in length. Four examples of customizable mentoring programs are outlined below. (Note: All of our mentoring programs incorporate the initial SupraSelf Mentoring Context and Diamius Development Model.)

Example #1: Business Scaling & Leadership Development Focus

Example #2: Business Development & Marketing Focus

Example #3: Business & Personal Development Focus

Example #4: Personal Self-Development Focus

Any combination of the available Diamius resources is possible when designing a customized SupraSelf Life Mentoring Program. Work with our experienced staff to select the most relevant curriculum, interventions and materials for your professional and personal development. In terms of the detailed structure for mentoring and the specific timetable for deliverables, again we offer a customizable format available in 6, 9, and 12 month program lengths.  All three formats include the following deliverables:

  • Initial "Mentorship Mapping Process" to outline key development path.
  • “Life Mentoring Assessment Questionnaire" and pre-work materials.
  • Delivery of all selected Diamius resources, (examples shown above).
  • One, 45 minute mentoring phone call or Skype video session per week.
  • Unlimited email correspondence, Q & A periods and personal attention.
  • Full access to all Diamius articles, slide decks and networking forums.
  • Post-mentoring planning to ensure integration and accelerate growth.

Please see our extensive list of client testimonials at the bottom of the page.  Also, upon request we will make past clients available to you so you may learn about their results and experiences in working with us.

Val Jon Farris LinkedIn Profile: Elizabeth Davidson LinkedIn Profile:
Your co-mentor team, Val Jon Farris and Elizabeth (Eli) Davidson are world-class professionals. They are recognized experts in the arenas of both  personal and professional development and work with a wide range of entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world. As an example they are currently official mentors and advisers for Richard Branson's XTC Academy, which empowers visionary entrepreneurs the world over to scale-up their enterprises and operate on a global level. Val Jon is a well-respected corporate leadership curriculum designer and has mentored and trained thousands of Fortune 50 executives, country leaders and professionals over a thirty-year span. He is also a well-respected self-development workshop leader, published author and featured columnist for The Huffington Post. Companies such as Oracle and HCI sponsor Val Jon to lead virtual leadership programs for L&D,and OD and HR Executives from a wide range of companies from around the world. Elizabeth is a rapid business growth expert and has mentored professionals from around the world.  She is on Sir Richard Branson's Advisory Counsel for the XTC Academy, which empowers visionary entrepreneurs the world over. Her renowned "turnaround techniques" have been featured on The Today Show, Dr. Phil’s Decision House, SELF Magazine, New York Times, the Huffington Post and CNN in 134 Nations. Her clients include Women Inc. 500 CEOs, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar winners as well as many A list celebrities. Joan and Melissa Rivers filmed breakthroughs with Elizabeth on their show, Joan Knows Best.
For more information about our SupraSelf Mentoring Program and to determine which resources and format is right for you, please send us a message.  We will personally reply and discuss the program details, format options, costs and benefits with you. (Note: Your contact information will be held in total confidence.) See our extensive list of client testimonials below!

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Professional Mentoring Client Testimonials

"World Class Advisors."

Sir Richard Branson

CEO, Virgin Enterprises

"I didn’t think you could do it. But, my relationship with Melissa has been changed forever. You are our Ceaser Milan."

Joan Rivers

Hollywood Star

"Exceptional command and deep experience!"
Jeff Hoffman

Former CEO,

“As a direct result of their mentoring I was able to complete important project work in a highly satisfactory manner. The program mentors are professionals of high character and in particular, very skilled at working with people. I recommend them highly."

Rich Meader

Principle at Meader Consulting, Self Employed

"Val Jon's mentoring and expertise on a major scale project has been priceless. He provided clear concise feedback along with specific well defined guidance. His personable stye and respectful approach was truly appreciated. His involvement inspired me to move forward at a rapid pace, for this alone he was a Godsend."

Kathleen Mundy

CEO, Franchise Success Academy

“The mentoring skills fostered successful business practices and strategies for me and my entire staff. I can personally recommend them and this mentoring program without reservation.”

Rick Carlisle

Owner & CEO, Arktegraf, Incorporated

“I am three months into the mentoring program and am finding it to be a highly professional, engaging and valuable to me in my business development. I have engaged in many business development programs in the past but this one is excellent!”

Di Ann S., Phd, SPHR

President/Founder, Sanchex & Associates

"You've been a great role model in inspiring me to make a bigger move. This mentoring has been invaluable. You condensed time and took me to the next level. I am so grateful."

Dave Sanderson

International Trainer, Speaker, Author

“Outstanding, the best mentoring I have ever experienced. Val Jon Farris is an experienced coach who teaches from the heart. This mentoring program delivered big value and it showed me things that would be very hard to get any other way."

Alberto Golbert

Latin America Continent HR Director, Hewlett-Packard Company

"Eli Davidson is a lightening bolt of authenticity, humor and wisdom. This work offers you easy to use applicable tools to live your own fabulous life."

Marilyn Gill

Producer, Oprah

"Wow! I was not prepared for this amazing experience! I met Eli during a very low point in my life and within two weeks I began my transformation. Now I am a different person. I'm in a great place and excited about the new possibilities in my life. I've learned skills that will be with me forever. I am so grateful to have met Eli. Open your mind and let Eli help you live your dream. Trust me....her coaching really works!"

Robin Munushian

Director, Partner, Boingo Wireless

"I recommend Val Jon Farris as a top-notch professional mentor, exceedingly creative, inspiring, with deep domain knowledge in transformational leadership, sincere and a passionate crusader making a huge difference, always willing to go the extra mile!"

Himanshu Jani

Director HR, Asia Pacific Continent, Agilent Technologies

"Eli is a great resource for coach training. She was able to help me identify key success metrics I have achieved and how those metrics can help others."

Peter Sortwell

CEO, Arborwell

"Eli Davidson is a natural leader. These reinvention tools are the most effective I have ever seen. Results achieved were unprecedented."

Frank McGuire

Founding Member , FedEx

"For those who already have a successful business and know deep down inside that there are lucrative opportunities out there that you're missing, you're right!  Our experience with Eli far exceeded our expectations. She rocked our world by completely reinventing what we do and who we do it for! I'm positive that our decision to work with her will return millions to our business. I highly recommend her."

Melissa Guy

President, Co-Founder, Asset Media Group, Inc.

"If you are looking for tangible results in your career, business or even personal life, I could not more highly recommend Eli Davidson. She helped me to make a quantum leap in my career via her coaching and exercises. I set very specific and at that time what I felt were very ambitious goals, but she coached me to success and I am elated to say that each and every goal."

Erica Coates

Director, Partner & Project Operations, Boingo Wireless

"Eli's coaching and mentoring is result-oriented and enjoyable. Her process helped me gain an understanding of my own leadership style and guided me toward establishing priorities - not just for my career but for my own self care. She is imaginative, positive and all about empowering her clients."

Shelby Jiggetts-Tivony

Executive Creative Development, Walt Disney Imagineering

"Forget about solar and wind energy, let's plug Eli into the grid, she's got enough energy to light up LA. Eli is fun, spontaneous and creative. Who does not want more of that? Her message, based on her own, inspiring personal story is a powerful one for individuals and companies alike."

Clara Hori

Business Consultant, Metodiko

"Eli Davidson provided me the innovative tools for creating more success in my life! Her positively charged coaching style has motivated me to completely shift my perspective and really think outside the box."

Julia Jorczak

Talent Management Consultant, Johns Hopkins University

"A week after starting my work with Eli I was released from my job. Yet, it was when everything got BETTER! Working with her facilitated the motivation and courage to step into a dream I had secretly had for years. I wanted to own my own business. Six months later I own my own profitable design business. The results speak for themselves. With in a week of opening my business I booked my first client at a fortune 500 Company. Within one month I had so much business that I added additional designers."

Carrie Henkel-Brito

Motion Graphic Designer, Self Employed

"Eli means business. The innovative system she has developed works on many levels. Her 'product' is explosive and dangerous so be prepared to expand beyond your wildest expectations."

Prudence Fenton

3 Emmys, 1 Grammy, 1 Clio, 2 MTV awards, Cinematic Reality Producer at MAGIC LEAP

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