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The Velocity Factor: Some Eye-Opening Case Studies

Lidia was sobbing and didn’t want her neighbors to see. After all those years of weekends at the computer, her business made less money than 3 years ago. She had to let her bookkeeper go. How could she run her business without him?

Paulina couldn’t believe that she was stepping onto Necker Island to meet Richard Branson. Little could she imagine he would beg (on his knees) to invest in her company.

There’s a single difference in these two wonderful women. It’s my honor to know them both and will be pulling back the curtain in upcoming posts. Today, I’ll be sharing the one factor that’s made their lives and businesses different.

Lidia and Paulina show that in business there are two roads. One is slow and hard. (And getting harder every year.) The other is fast and easy.

Which Business Are You?

Ten years ago, Lydia and Paulina could have both built successful businesses. However, as you’ve been seeing everything is changing. Why? Two challenges.

The first is that since 2008 the structure of our economy has changed. Now 26% of the population has 68% of the disposable income. This is the underlying reason that conversion is down.

The second is that we are now in what experts call a Mature Market. (I’ll share more in an upcoming post.) The business strategies that worked well in a Young Market…well…they don’t work. There is so much competition and static that potential clients can’t find Lydia.

In a Mature Market more competitors go after the same clients. It’s why you see so many price decreases and items given away for free. How do you grow a business in a Mature Market? Find the road that’s fast and easy with The Velocity Factor™

For the last decade I’ve been studying what and engineering rapid growth businesses. I like fast and easy. I’ve made some big leaps like coaching for Richard Branson’s XTC, Joan and Melissa Rivers and being on the Today Show. And I’ve had some huge failures. Like my “engage-a-cation,” (translation dumped right before I a wedding) and an event with low turn out that left me with an $82,000 bill. I’ve been on both roads.

Slow and Hard. Fast and Easy. It’s how I can be so helpful to you.

Here’s the deal. For every successful business that grows quickly and is sustainable there is three hidden factors. Today, I’ll dive into the most illusive.

An urgent timeline. The more urgent the timeframe buyers need a problem solved the faster the company growth.

Priceline (Jeff Hoffman, the former CEO is my mentor) realized that the moment an airplane door closes the seat on that plane are worth $0. See how that’s an urgent time frame. Airline executives were trying to find ways to fill those empty seats. Priceline did it for them.

When a client has an urgent problem they have already made a decision to buy. There’s no need to sell them anything.

Fast and Easy = No Selling.

When you have a tribe that has already decided to buy, and they have an urgent deadline you have rapid business growth. It’s that simple.

Clients consistently tell us of 300% growth many see that in under 6 months.

Troy Hoffman’s company was stuck at $5 million. Using The Velocity Factor his team had $3.2million in sales in under 90 days.

Nicole Dunn has upped her income $350%, outgrown the offices she moved into last year, and taken a month long vacation to boot.

It sounds impossible and too good to be true. The challenge is that its counter intuitive and women business owners in particular resist it.

When you have a tribe that has already decided to buy, and have an urgent deadline you have rapid business growth. It’s that simple.

The challenge is just like most elements in science it is precise equation. It can’t be sort of specific or somewhat urgent.

Could It Work For Me? Case Studies

Nicole’s Velocity
After years of struggling in her PR business she was facing a mountain of debt. She got incredible results for clients, but most authors didn’t have a budget to pay her. She loved fitness. When a fitness guru launching products have a tight window to do or die with media.

Before: PR Agency

After: PR Agency for Fitness Guru’s Launching A National Product.

In 30 days she landed Tony Horton. She now has a staff of 5. She has outgrown her offices twice in the last year. She does NO marketing. Potential clients call her. Her income has increased 350%. (I work with her in an ongoing basis.)

“There are no words. You changed my business and life. I’ve got offers to buy my company. I’m holding out for $25 million.” Time frame: 30 days for initial result.

4 years ongoing.

Val’s Velocity
Val was an animal communicator. Where is the Velocity Factor with talking to pets? Finding which animals have a high stakes deadline? Show horses. A season of wins can mean worth million for owners.

Before: Animal Communicator

After: Underperforming Show Horse Expert.

American Show Horse Association, Palomino Horse Association, Arab Horse Association, California Show Horse Association, Texas Show Horse Association

Speaker’s bureau asked to represent her. The Horse Network heard about her being and offered her a TV show. Time frame: 18 months.

Andrea’s Velocity
Andrea spent 4 years doing everything right. Book, webinars, tele-summits, social media, even being the managing director of a huge networking group. But her relationship coaching business wasn’t growing. Her velocity factor was helping folks who could have their lives destroyed if they mismanaged a few precious years. Andrea was married to an ex Pro football player. She had the ability to help pro athletes with relationship issues in her DNA. 82% of all pro athletes get divorced. Very few have prenuptials. They have urgent timelines.

Before: Relationship Coach.

After: Relationship Coach for Professional Athletes.

“In a million years I never would have come up with this. And now I am speaking for the NFL and NBA in under 6 months!!!!” Her fees are up 150%. Timeframe: 8 months.

So are you on the road for Fast and Easy business growth? Or has business been getting harder? If you’d like your free report to see if you have The Velocity Factor in your business. – Eli Davidson

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