Scheduled Diamius Events

The ARISE Experience Two-Day Event In Los Angeles, CA (Date To be Announced)
The ARISE Experience is an extraordinary two-day journey into the grace and power of living in harmony with the movement of Spirit. This program is for the most seasoned of life travelers, those who’ve devoted much of their lives to serving others and developing both their spiritual maturity as well as their authentic humanity. This two-day advanced program delves deeply into the heart of our humanity and arises high into the soul of our divinity. Those who realize this movement is actually one vast continuum of engagement will absolutely resonate with this program’s agenda and curriculum.

Quantum Leadership: Exploring The SupraSelf One-Day Event (Date To be Scheduled)
Today’s leaders must develop extraordinary capabilities that disrupt the antiquated “leader/follower” model.  A quantum leap in what it means to be a leader is required in which we accept the challenge of being “a leader of one.” Essentially, leading ourselves into greater capacity, resilience, awareness, collaboration, innovation, fortitude, humility, performance and results. In other words we must embrace the true meaning of being an entrepreneur, “one who undertakes, or takes command.”  This “taking command” has nothing to do with authority, control or leading others. Quite the contrary. The command-taking is about learning how to get out of our own way, setting our ego aside and allowing the greater and more experienced aspects of our character to actually lead us.  Join us for a one-day event that explores this ground-breaking new leadership engagement.

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