"Being A Leader of One" is a world class action-learning program designed to equip CEO's and Executives with crucial leadership, mentoring and performance capabilities and skills.  Facilitation and content is geared towards addressing real-time business imperative challenges as well as focusing specifically on each attendee's needed leadership challenges and the traits required to excel and attain peak performance in every area of one's life.  This fast-pace, positive leadership curriculum has been delivered to over 15,000 corporate executives worldwide. Download our "Leader of One" Whitepaper here.

Program Results

For over two decades "Being A Leader of One" has been delivered around the world to thousands of executives and managers from enterprise-level companies.  The results reported by attendees includes - 1) Elevated effectiveness in generating “buy-in” and full engagement with team members and staff.  2) Increased ability to deal more effectively with exponential change and increased sphere of responsibility. 3) A positive leadership mindset that empowers others to excel. 4) Revitalized vision, sense of purpose and clear leadership command.


Level of Dedication Required By Attendees

Attendee Experience Level (1 = Novice 10 = Veteran)

Length of Initial Program (Days)

Follow Up Program (Days)

Program Curriculum & Outline


Day One

Distinguishing “Leading" from "Managing” from “Coaching.” Inspiring a “Sense of Greatness” and leading from it. The “Power of Presence” and “Effectiveness of Choice.” Peak performance via“Four Dimensions of Development.” Create ownership with the “P = IC2” leadership formula. Implement and leverage the “Leader Validation Model.” Expanding leader results through “Intentions and Objectives.” The art and science of  “Vital Performance Feedback.” Integrative role-play lab work for leadership buildings.

Day Two

Inspire with the “3 R’s of Greatness” leadership model. “Power of Inquiry” leader syntax for generating aligned action. Maintain greater resilience through “Positive Leveraging.” “Generative Listening” skill for optimizing leader results. Three vital components of trust, “Reliability, Skills, Authenticity.” Key leader trait learnings and best practices for each attendee. “Action Learning Plan” for ensuring learning integration. “Buddy Support System” for leading and job related challenges. Key development strategies and long-term performance goals. Business meeting, key learnings, follow up and class close.

Being A Leader of One: Diamius Comparative Engagement Index (Five Facets of Development)

Diamius Development Model SmallHere at Diamius Multinational we believe in an integrated approach to development. The five facets of personal and professional development we focus on are, Love, Aliveness, Abundance, Belonging and Joy. These five can be shaped into a powerful convergence or "point of clarity" much like the facets of a diamond come together at the apex of its brilliance. As we "polish" each facet it enhances the brilliance of the whole of who we are. The bar graph to the left shows the degree of engagement and results you can expect by participating in this particular Diamius resource or program.
  • LOVE (Faith, Honor, Compassion, Devotion, Gratitude) 60% 60%
  • ALIVENESS (Vitality, Wellness, Spirituality, Emotionality) 65% 65%
  • ABUNDANCE (Wealth, Funding, Income, Career, Contribution) 80% 80%
  • BELONGING (Social, Relations, Family, Spouse, Friends) 80% 80%
  • JOY (Creativity, Leisure, Expression, Travel, Learning) 60% 60%

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Leader of One Client Testimonials

During Agilent Technologies strategic realignment this outstanding program, "The Leader of One" was delivered to 900 Agilent Asia Pacific managers. This was done in two mega events in Penang, Malaysia and Singapore. These programs were part of the kick-off events to create and capture the spirit of the newly created Agilent values of “Speed, Focus, Accountability”. In addition, Diamius provided post event executive development, coaching and leadership integration processes to country managers and regional directors from Asia winning him our prestigious “Vantage Excellence” consultant status. I recommend this program and its top-notch facilitation professionals without question. Agilent
Himanshu JANI

Country Director-HR & Organizational Psychologist, Agilent Technologies, Asia Pacific

I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Val Jon Farris and his "Leader of One" programs in Hewlett-Packard Latin America Region. In HP, customized versions of these programs were delivered to our first level, middle and senior management team, in most of Latin America Countries, inspiring our managers to achieve better results through high impact skill sets. I recommend Diamius as a highly skilled professional group, exceedingly creative, inspiring, with deep domain knowledge in transformational leadership, sincere, passionate and always willing to make a difference in all they do. HP Logo
Carlos Apollonio

Human Resources Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company, Miami Headquarters

Val Jon Farris and the Leader of One programs provided critical support as a thought partner as I built leadership depth and breadth as the Leadership Development Manager in Tucson. I would describe frustrating leadership symptoms to him and he very quickly would drill to root cause. The leadership courses he designed to address the issues I was challenged with spurred self-realization, growth, and behavior changes on the job for a multitude of leaders. Val Jon was wonderfully challenging to leaders – and they flourished under his tutelage. The years I spent working with him were productive, allowed me to improve as an L&D leader and I/O psychologist, and made a long-term impact. Intuit
Suzzanne L. Ippel

Senior learning & Development Manager, Intuit, Inc.

Senior consultant Val Jon Farris and his Diamius programs including "Being A Leader of One" were the overall drivers for HP’s most successful ever enterprise-level leadership and sales initiative SOLD (Sales and Organizational Leadership Development). Spanning six-years with our top-level executives and district managers, this work was critical in elevating our executive team's ability to lead, motivate and manage diverse interest from the customer, HP and the other independent companies. I highly recommend the work of Diamius from my personal observation and experience. HP Logo
Quinton English

Area Director HP Southeast, Hewlett-Packard Company