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Val Jon Farris, Diamius CEO

Diamius Multinational is a  leadership consulting firm for Fortune 100s and a strategic resourse to top-tier executives. For over thirty years, its programs have been deployed to workforces around the world.

"World Class Advisor." 
- Sir Richard Branson

HP Logo 75 “Diamius was the designer and driver for HP’s most successful ever enterprise-level leadership and sales initiative conducted with our division’s top-level executives and district managers. Their team led our entire HP sales initiative, the strategy for implementation and demonstrated large-scope leadership, sales training excellence and high-impact executive development capabilities.”
Quinton English, Area Director Hewlett-Packard Company

Agilent Logo 50 “Diamius delivered inspiring keynotes to over 900 Agilent managers in Penang, Malaysia and Singapore. They also provided executive development and mentoring to our country managers and regional directors, winning them our prestigious “Vantage Excellence” award. They are a top-notch organization with deep knowledge in transformational leadership.”
Himanshu Jani, Asia Pacific Country Director-HR, Agilent Technologies

Intuit Logo 50 “Diamius delivered a series of highly innovative leadership initiatives and large-scale change management programs that transformed our workforce. Components included classroom training, mentoring, and sales and negotiation skills for over 1,000 of our executives, managers and employees. I highly recommend them.”
Suzzanne Ippel, Senior Manager of Learning & Development Intuit, Inc.

Our Professional Development programs and services produce quantum leaps in our client's lives and careers. Select from our "tried and tested" Fortune 100 portfolio, extraordinary development initiatives and mentoring opportunities that optimize leadership skills, business scaling capabilities, ramp-up and marketing strategies, seed capital acquisitions, and workforce performance.

Our enterprise-level workforce initiatives have been delivered to over 50,000 Fortune 100 executives, managers and individual contributors. Outdated hierarchical “leader-follower” strategies are no longer viable in a marketplace thriving on collaboration, innovation and dynamic engagement. Today’s leaders must develop the resource of “collective greatness,” a personal and cultural transformation in which every worker becomes a leader within their own right and “owns” the success of the whole.  Our programs are delivered in multiple formats and span workforces ranging from 100 to 100,000. For case studies of our enterprise-level programs, click here: Actual Case Studies. 

A top-tier development opportunity specifically designed for successful business leaders, motivated professionals, and high-level mentors and coaches. Our mentoring clientele includes hundreds of Fortune 100 executives, country leaders, global thought leaders, and world-class entrepreneurs. Unlike most mentoring programs, our fully customizable SupraSelf Program delves deep into the "inner terrain of  human greatness," superlative character traits that embody authenticity, enthusiasm, devotion, resilience, and accomplishment.

Small businesses and start-ups must rapidly scale-up by building a superlative leadership culture, implementing solid accountability and performance protocols and seizing the competitive advantage in the marketplace. Quantum Growth Scaling Model is composed of eight vital aspects -SupraVision, Go To Market Planning, Go To Market Execution, and the five key expansion areas of Strategy, Capitalization, Accountability, Leadership and Engagement. SupraVision is primary to the model because without superlative leadership even the best positioned and best funded company will fail.
Today’s leaders must be capable of maintaining peak performance over time as well as managing their well-being.  “Mindfulness” is the practice of attaining a place of inner clarity and peace.  Specifically, it’s about learning how to bring greater attention and focus to our moment-by-moment challenges, staying on purpose and present, and doing so from a non-judgmental state of mind. While Mindfulness’s focus is internal, there are huge benefits to one’s outer world both personally and professionally. Some of the many benefits of practicing mindfulness are recognizing and avoiding habitual reactions, responding more effectively to complex and challenging emotional situations, bringing greater clarity to one’s daily life, and achieving greater work life balance.
Optimizing team performance and individual accountability requires a clear organizational approach to goal setting, performance expectations and results tracking. Performance Benchmarking is about orienting team members to the daily and long-term commitment and accountability practices needed to optimize both theirs and the entire company’s output. Diamius will implement benchmarking practices and methods that encourage clear goal-setting, achievement, team motivation and support towards producing exponential results.

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