"What lies behind us and what lies before us is tiny compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Wald Emerson

Our  "Quantum Leadership" business development program is designed specifically for newly funded companies poised for rapid expansion. The good news is you now have the resources  to execute your go-to-market plans. The challenging news is that without superlative leadership and a laser-focused scaling strategy, even the best positioned company is at risk.

Based on recent Harvard Business School research an astounding 75% of all newly capitalized businesses fail. And while there are many reasons for failure, the root cause almost always comes down to two things - overestimated confidence and underestimated incompetence. Quantum Leadership offers newly funded companies three specific competencies to ensure rapid and responsible success. 

1) Leadership Skills & Performance Management Systems.
2) On-Target Business Scaling Strategies & Implementations.
3) Ongoing Mentoring & A Network of Enterprise Resources.


Level of Dedication Required From Our Clients

Client Experience Level . . . (1 = Novice 10 = Expert)

Minimum Program Length (Months)

Maximum Program Length (Months)

Quantum Leadership: Exponential Business Scaling Overview


SupraVision: A Quantum View of Leadership

“Vision” is not a static forecasting, goal-setting or values alignment tool, it is a generative stance from which extraordinary results arise. This “Supra” stance redefines Vision and provides leaders with The Way to produce quantum growth, performance and results.


Go To Market Planning

Having a well-designed plan that seizes a specific market niche is essential to success.  A start-up team must have a clear success roadmap, an iron-clad value proposition, dynamic customer intelligence, a high-performance culture and an aligned team that will execute it with precision and dedication.


Go To Market Execution

While a world-class go to market plan is essential, it is insufficient to ensure success. Unless executed with superlative leadership and dedication to "staying out of the way," even the best plans are destined to fail.  Business expansion must be driven by extraordinary leadership and commitment, undying grit and systems that foster personal and professional accountability and results production.


The “S” of Strategy: Foundational Implementations

Strategic planning and implementation is essential to a start-up navigating its way into stability. There are five key strategies to engage in;  maximizing command and minimizing control, winning a specific market niche, establishing a high-performance culture and learning to “run lean” while maintaining minimal risk.


The “C” of Capitalization: Attract and Optimize Funding

Only those firms with a solid business plan, superlative executive team, a winning product or service, and an impressive sales track record have what it takes to succeed.  Once secured, funding must be managed through vigilant budgeting, a team that optimizes revenue and operates based on clear viability and performance benchmarks.


The “A” of Accountability: Being A “Leader of One”

While leading others is an important aspect of a thriving start up, leadership begins within and with ourselves. Being a “leader of one” is about being a demonstration of the character traits, behaviors and actions we expect from others. Maintaining a positive attitude, holding ourselves accountable, following through and authenticity and transparency are The Ways of a true leader.


The “L” of Leadership: Creating A “SupraSelf” Culture

As members of the team develop their leadership capabilities, the culture transforms into a highly optimized environment in which superlative results are the standard rather than the exception.  A “SupraVision” culture is fostered in which team members subordinate their ego agendas for the greater good of all.  This is The Way of Quantum Growth.


The “E” of Engagement: “Full-Out” Participation

Team member and client engagement is essential to the rapid expansion.  Once a leadership culture has been established, it is sustained and magnified through The Way of engaging for greatness, an engagement approach that recognizes, calls forth and leverages people's superlative capabilities, innate drive to excel and dedication to success.

Quantum Leadership Program: Diamius Comparative Engagement Index (Five Facets of Development)

Diamius Development Model SmallHere at Diamius Multinational we believe in an integrated approach to development. The five facets of personal and professional development we focus on are, Love, Aliveness, Abundance, Belonging and Joy. These five can be shaped into a powerful convergence or "point of clarity" much like the facets of a diamond come together at the apex of its brilliance. As we "polish" each facet it enhances the brilliance of the whole of who we are. The bar graph to the left shows the degree of engagement and results you can expect by participating in this particular Diamius resource or program.

  • LOVE (Faith, Honor, Compassion, Devotion, Gratitude) 50% 50%
  • ALIVENESS (Vitality, Wellness, Spirituality, Emotionality) 65% 65%
  • ABUNDANCE (Wealth, Funding, Income, Career, Contribution) 90% 90%
  • BELONGING (Social, Relations, Family, Spouse, Friends) 70% 70%
  • JOY (Creativity, Leisure, Expression, Travel, Learning) 50% 50%

CEO of Diamius, Val Jon is a top-tier leadership development expert with 25+ years experience championing enterprise-level initiatives for Fortune 50 companies in the U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia and India.  His client base includes Hewlett-Packard Company, Agilent Technologies, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Yahoo, Intuit, Pacific Telesis and many others.

Val Jon’s areas of expertise is in designing and implementing large-scale workforce leadership initiatives that operate above and beyond the scope of ordinary business development.  His unique personal approach and anecdotal style taps into the extraordinary leadership resources residing within the most brilliant faculties of the human mind, heart and spirit.

Val Jon is also highly respected C-Suite mentor and works with executives and business leaders around the world developing their human and business acumen.  He is a senior member of Sir Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge Academy and is currently providing business scaling and leadership coaching for some of the world’s top innovators and entrepreneurs.

Val Jon is an honorary recipient of numerous enterprise-level Leadership and Learning & Development awards and commendations, is an award-wining author and a featured business leadership columnist for the Huffington Post. LinkedIn Profile URL for Val Jon Farris

Elizabeth is a rapid business growth expert and has mentored professionals from around the world.  She is on Sir Richard Branson’s Advisory Board for the XTC Academy, which empowers visionary entrepreneurs the world over.

Elizabeth’s trademarked Turnaround Techniques have been featured on The Today Show, Dr. Phil’s Decision House, SELF Magazine, New York Times, and CNN in 134 nations.

Elizabeth is a national award-winning author of Funky to Fabulous and featured Huffington Post Columnist.  Her clients include Inc. 500 CEOs, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar winners as well as many business luminaries.  Joan and Melissa Rivers filmed breakthroughs working with Davidson on their show, Joan Knows Best.  Her service work includes Heartfelt, Women to Women, Insight Foundation.  Elizabeth serves as a Community Ambassador for the Unstoppable Foundation and she and her community raised $25,000 to build a school in Kenya in the Fall of 2015. The Unstoppable Foundation is our charity partner for Quantum Growth.

Client Testimonials

"I didn't think you could do it. But, my relationship with Melissa has been changed forever. You are our Ceaser Milan."

Joan Rivers

“Outstanding, the best mentoring I have ever experienced. Val Jon Farris is an experienced coach who teaches from the heart. This mentoring program delivered big value and it showed me things that would be very hard to get any other way."

Alberto Golbert

Latin America Continent HR Director, Hewlett-Packard Company

"Eli means business. The innovative system she has developed works on many levels. Her 'product' is explosive and dangerous so be prepared to expand beyond your wildest expectations."

Prudence Fenton

3 Emmys, 1 Grammy, 1 Clio, 2 MTV Awards, Cinematic Reality Producer at Magic LEAP

"I recommend Val Jon Farris as a top-notch professional mentor, exceedingly creative, inspiring, with deep domain knowledge in transformational leadership, sincere and a passionate crusader making a huge difference, always willing to go the extra mile!"

Himanshu Jani

Director HR, Asia Pacific Continent, Agilent Technologies

"You've been a great role model in inspiring me to make a bigger move. This mentoring has been invaluable. You condensed time and took me to the next level. I am so grateful."

Dave Sanderson

International Trainer, Speaker, Author

“I am three months into the mentoring program and am finding it to be a highly professional, engaging and valuable to me in my business development. I have engaged in many business development programs in the past but this one is excellent!”

Di Ann S., Phd, SPHR

President/Founder, Sanchex & Associates

“Eli is a great resource for coaching and training. She was able to help me identify key success metrics I have achieved and how those metrics can help others.”

Peter Sortwell

CEO, Arborwell, Inc.

"Val Jon's mentoring and expertise on a major scale project has been priceless. He provided clear concise feedback along with specific well defined guidance. His personable stye and respectful approach was truly appreciated. His involvement inspired me to move forward at a rapid pace, for this alone he was a Godsend."

Kathleen Mundy

CEO, Franchise Success Academy

“If you’re looking for tangible results in your career, business or personal life I could not more highly recommend them. I've made a quantum leap in my career. I set very specific, and at that time what I felt very ambitious goals.  I was mentored every step of the way and am elated to say that each and every goal was met.”

Erica Coates

Head of Production, Digital Kitchen

“The mentoring skills fostered successful business practices and strategies for me and my entire staff. I can personally recommend them and this mentoring program without reservation.”

Rick Carlisle

Owner & CEO, Arktegraf, Incorporated

“I met Eli during a very low point in my life and within two weeks I began my transformation. Now I am a different person. I'm in a great place. I've learned skills that will be with me forever. Open your mind and let Eli help you live your dream. Trust me her authentic success coaching really works!"

Robin Munushian

Director and Partner, Boingo Wireless

“ As a direct result I was able to complete important project work in a highly satisfactory manner. The program mentors are professionals of high character and in particular, very skilled at working with people. Recommend them highly."

Rich Meader

Principle at Meader Consulting, Self Employed

For more information about our Quantum Leadership Program, please send us a private message with your questions and how and when to best contact you. We will personally reply and discuss the program details, mentoring options, costs and benefits with you. (Note: Your contact information will be held in strict confidence.)

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