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This is a 90-minute presentation is hosted by Val Jon Farris and engages audiences in discovering a tremendous source of power and performance residing right within themselves, but just beyond the grasp of their ego. It is a little-known internal leadership resource called the "SupraSelf." This extraordinary aspect of our character is where our inspiration, enthusiasm, perseverance and willingness to engage whole-heartedly in life resides. Those who access it lead themselves and others with humble power, clarity and respect. (To review a Huffington Post Featured Article on this Keynote click here.)
This is a 60-minute presentation is hosted by Val Jon Farris and engages audiences in a compelling "inner climb" from the "what's" of our lives, to the "whys" and finally to the highest expression of "who" we truly are. Some of the most profound life lessons occur during near-death experiences. Val Jon captivates his audiences with anecdotes of “human greatness” forged in the face of just such a terror. It’s not a talk about his greatness, but the greatness within all of us, one that arises when we set aside who we think we are and embrace who we really are.  (To review a Huffington Post Featured Article on this Keynote click here.)
Presenter Val Jon Farris states that “There is greatness within us.” It lies just beyond the reach of our predictability, comfort and control. Its power is immense and when we access it we come face-to-face with a wellspring of self called, “The Power of Who.” This “Who” has nothing to do with our titles, roles, accomplishments or personal history. It is our Greater Self and only available to those who’ve come to know themselves beyond what they have, what they’ve gained or what they’ve lost. It arises from a deeply sacred place of knowing that our true power to produce, progress and prosper is not a function of our ego, but of “getting out of the way” so the Greater Self within us can work through us and into the bounty of our lives.  (To review a Huffington Post Article on this presentation, click here.)
Val Jon Farris hosts this 60-minute engaging presentation in which he recounts his own "David and Goliath" success story. Like David in the fable, Farris' tiny consulting firm repeatedly landed multimillion dollar corporate contracts and beat out the top three international consulting firms dominating the industry. He outlines seven extraordinary "inner greatness resources" that equip entrepreneurs with the strategic insight and tools they need to slay their own industry giants. Farris explains, "David knew he couldn’t 'scale up' to the size of Goliath, so instead he 'scaled in' and found within himself the power and leverage needed to make the seemingly impossible happen."  (To review a Huffington Post Article about this presentation, click here.)
Leaders who inspire others possess a unique inner resource called “enabling emotional connections.”  This resource is often sidelined as being too subjective or “soft,” yet the most seasoned leaders recognize its importance and leverage it in every business and life decision they make. Those who recognize the value of developing stronger emotional ties with others are discovering that not only is employee engagement positively affected, but the job of convincing workers to buy in to the company’s mission, vision and values requires far less effort – in essence, once the heart is on board, the mind tends to follow  (To watch a  webcast by Val Jon Farris sponsored by Oracle/HCI, click here.)

For those men and women who know themselves beyond the limitations of their gender and outside the predictability of the male and female ego are capable of transcending the gender gap. Rather than working in “spite of” one another, they are capable of working in “spirit with” one another in a “sacred partnering” process. This transcendent partnering empowers men and women to both recognize their gender differences as well as see beyond them into their human similarities. Val Jon Farris for this lively and illuminating 90-minute presentation.

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