The SupraSelf Life Mentoring Process is a "quantum growth" development opportunity that has been used for over three decades in the public and private sectors.  The "SupraSelf" is a dynamic presence of being that embodies both "science and self" expressed through the five higher human attributes of Love, Aliveness, Abundance, Belonging, and Joy. These five attributes are interconnected and dynamically affect one another, and our mentoring methodology takes this holographic characteristic into account by utilizing a series of vital learning and life principles listed below. When fully embraced, these key attributes exponentially accelerate the development process. To download our SupraSelf Mentoring Context Whitepaper, click here.

The SupraSelf Mentoring Context


Accepting 100% Responsibility

There are two ways of living life, being at its effect and being at cause. 100% responsibility begins by acknowledging we are at cause in all matters of our lives. As we accept causality, we begin living at choice and our choices gain power and momentum towards living an extraordinary life. This mentoring principle is a foundational platform from which all happiness, results and fulfillment arise.

Releasing Self-Importance

Surrendering our need for self-importance allows us to experience life’s extraordinary blessings. The more we release our personal agendas, need for control, and "stories of woe," the more we empower ourselves to embrace life’s true majesty. This mentoring principle is about surrendering our need for ego-driven credit, or indulging in its antithesis, blame and shame and instead developing and sustaining a healthy sense of self.

Embracing Life’s Paradox

Life is paradoxical and those who are able to hold oppositional circumstances have a huge advantage in life. Embracing paradox requires letting go of one-sided thinking and rigid opinions. Rather than wasting energy on trying to change negative traits into positive traits, this mentoring principle is about expanding to include all our traits and learning how to draw upon them as diverse resources.

Being Fully Present To Life

Being present is about showing up fully in life and engaging in all its challenges and joys, from the most inspiring to the most devastating. We abandon our presence when we hide, rationalize, suppress, ignore, externalize or internalize. This mentoring principle is about no longer hiding and opening fully to life and to our feelings and trusting that they will both lead us to exactly where we need to be.

Opening And Opening Again

New opportunities come to those open to receiving them. And while many believe they are open, the true test is when we feel we've opened, to open again, and again, and again. Wherever we stop in this process is where we are closed. This mentoring principle empowers us to open our hearts, deepen our patience, compassion and love - essential qualities that enhance every area of our lives.

Reclaiming Our Life Energy

We are each given a set amount of life force energy which we either use well or abuse during our lives. Abuse occurs when we fail to act responsibly or allow repetitive destructive patterns to drain us. It also occurs when we leave negatively charged events incomplete by ignoring them or by forming reactive conclusions. This mentoring principle is about reclaiming our enthusiasm for being alive.

Cultivating Curiosity and Joy

Opening to life's joyful well-being means surrendering our need for certainty and control and opening to curiosity by engaging in experiences that evoke a sense of inner greatness, spontaneity and enthusiasm. This mentoring principle is about letting go of defending our familiar conclusions and predictabilities and embracing a “beginner’s mind and student's heart.”

Living As A SupraSelf Steward

There's a limit to the amount of fulfillment that arises from focusing on our personal needs and successes. Those who've arrived at a place of abundance soon discover the need for shifting their focus to making a contribution to others and to the world. This mentoring principle is about accessing the SupraSelf through being a global steward, someone actively involved in giving back in ways that contribute to the well-being and sustainability of the whole of humanity and the planet on which we are gifted to live upon and share in.

SupraSelf Mentoring: Diamius Comparative Engagement Index, (Five Attributes of Development)

Diamius Development Model SmallHere at Diamius Multinational we believe in an integrated approach to development. The five attributes of personal and professional development we focus on are, Love, Aliveness, Abundance, Belonging, and Joy. These five can be shaped into a powerful convergence or "point of clarity" much like the facets of a diamond come together at the apex of its brilliance. As we "polish" each facet, it enhances the brilliance of the whole of who we are. The bar graph shows the degree of engagement and results you can expect by participating in this Diamius program.

  • LOVE (Faith, Honor, Compassion, Devotion, Gratitude) 90% 90%
  • ALIVENESS (Vitality, Wellness, Spirituality, Emotionality) 90% 90%
  • ABUNDANCE (Wealth, Funding, Income, Career, Contribution) 80% 80%
  • BELONGING (Social, Relations, Family, Spouse, Friends) 90% 90%
  • JOY (Creativity, Leisure, Expression, Travel, Learning) 80% 80%