The 260-day Tzolkin subscription is one of three parts of the Stones of Truth Series.  The entire Mayan empire, as well as many MesoAmerican civilizations such as the Aztec, Toltec, and ancient Native American tribes embraced this wisdom on a daily basis.  (Imagine everyone in our nation engaging in a different spiritual lesson each day of the year with the same enthusiasm we celebrate our Holidays!)  Much like an astrological reading, the "Daily Kins" offer grounding, guidance, clarity and consistency in our lives.


The normal cost for the 9-month subscription, (1 Kin per day for 260 days) is $500.  But if you purchase within the next 5 days I will reduce the price to $260, (that's just $1 per day for these remarkable lessons.)  I'll also include an inspiring videotaped series of expeditions I hosted to the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula.  You've never seen anything like this footage, I promise you! Come and join us, subscribers are deeply inspired by the  Daily Kins.  ~ Val Jon Farris

The Stones of Truth Testimonials
“A safe, sacred and laser light of truth.” - Alisha Hayes
“The Stones of truth were quite extraordinary.“ - David Couper
“Absolutely life changing!” - Christopher Lynch
“I am moving forward at an incredible pace.” - Colleen Moore
“The most amazing experience of my life!” - Dianne Mattar
“A never-to-be-forgotten experience!” - Dr. Cari Thachuk
“From a life of emptiness to a life of fulfillment!” - Justin Ellerby
“A loving experience, I'm fully present to life!” - Cassandra Engle
“A never-to-be-forgotten experience, extraordinary!” - Gail King
“Challenging, fulfilling, and truly remarkable.” - Julie Merritt
“Made a positive impact in every area of my life.” - Scott Emerich

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