Life Integration ImageThank you for your subscription to the 260-Day Life Aligning Practice!  My name is Val Jon Farris and I'm your guide into the mysterious and wonderful world of the ancient Maya.  Your daily "Tzolkin Wisdom" begin today and as promised, here is your free video series showcasing five sacred sites in the Northern Yucatan Peninsula.  Get ready as the series starts out with a life and death scuba dive into the Mayan Underworld!  Enjoy and please explore the other two offerings in The Stones of Truth Series, the Self-Mapping and Soul-Seeing sessions.
In Lakesh (Mayan for "I am another yourself") ~ Val Jon

Psyche Mapping

Self-Mapping Sessions:

Begin with placing a series of special stones upon the “tablet of life.”  The result is a map or navigational chart of one’s inner terrain of self.  The lay of stones reveals powerful truths about a person’s life, their relationships with themselves and others and pivotal choices to be made in their life.  This mapping process bypasses the ego self and taps directly into the deepest  truth of one’s human presence and divine nature.  The session lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours and is conducted over the internet via video conferencing and screen sharing.

Soul Seeing Image

Soul-Seeing Sessions:

Venture even deeper into one’s inner terrain, into their very core <em>all the way to their soul</em>.  This powerfully experiential session provides illumination, clarity and insight into one’s relationship with the Divine and the blessings and challenges of living true to its wisdom in their daily life.  The session lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours and is optimally conducted in person.<em>  </em>Coming face-to-face with one’s soul is an extraordinary experience that produces powerful revelations and shifts in one’s life.

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