The ancient Maya knew the cosmos and the self were interconnected. Every stone in their pyramids resonates with this truth of "as above, so below."  This knowledge has the power to transform every facet of our lives, when we know which "stones" to touch.  Are you ready to encounter the power within The Stones of Truth?  Send us your contact info and we'll email you the first lesson on the path.

What Is "The Stones of Truth?"

The Stones of Truth is a three-part life enhancement series facilitated by Val Jon Farris.  This illuminating journey into one's extraordinary human and spiritual nature.  The three parts of  series include the "Self-Mapping" session, the "Soul-Seeing" session and the "Life-Aligning" Tzolkin Wisdom subscription featured above.  To learn more about The Stones of Truth Series, click on the stones to the left. 

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