Both customers and investors have short attention spans and competition for business is fierce.  In order to effectively convey one’s value and business opportunities they must immediately clarify their value proposition and gain interest and attention.  The Velocity Factor helps position a company to leverage and monetize its position as the global leader in its field.



Level of Dedication Required By Participants

Participant Experience Level (1 = Novice 10 = Veteran)

Length of Initial Program (Weeks)

Follow Up Program (Weeks)

Program Curriculum & Outline

The Keys to the Corporate Kingdom is designed for small and medium-sized business owners to create a quantum leap with their enterprise by acquiring and integrating tried-and-tested strategies, methods and tools needed to land lucrative corporate contracts. Each of the nine learning modules in this series contains tried and tested materials, methods, approaches and real-time engagements you’ll be able to put into immediate practice in your business. Each module is composed of a workbook and companion video presentation which includes audio narrations and informative slideshows that bring the materials to life. Each of the nine modules is self-paced, but is designed to be completed within a two-week period, making the entire program eighteen weeks in length.


Value Anchoring

Clarify the company’s value proposition to maximize its competitive advantage and best highlight its key benefits to potential customers and investors.


Delineate key offerings through implementing the UPE clarity model.  Urgent: Define the most pressing need in the market that has budgets to implement company programs.  Pervasive: Determine the most effective focus for the company.  Where is the low hanging fruit?  Expensive: What target market has the budget and buying cycle to invest in company programs quickly?


Assess Market Opportunity

Assess company UPE factor and current pipeline of potential clients to identify possible rapid expansion opportunities.


Marketing Materials

Draft marketing materials that effectively communicate the value proposition and UPE opportunity of company.


Investor Research

Create investor template for investor research prior to pitching to increase possible investor conversion.


Investor and Client Buying Trigger

Create system to best prepare buying trigger for each investor pitch and sales presentation.


Pitch Preparation

Work with founders to prepare solidly for investor presentations and pitching by utilizing the neuroscience of decision making.  Collaborate with founders to strengthen their sales pitch and the presentation slide deck.


Identify Possible Investor and Investor Groups

Review our network to determine possible accredited investors for company.

  • Personal Skills Attained 25% 25%
  • Interpersonal Skills Attained 50% 50%
  • Commerce Skills Attained 100% 100%
  • Contribution Skills Attained 30% 30%

Business Development

Here at Diamius Multinational we believe in an integrated approach to the development process. The four areas of development we recognize are, Personal, Interpersonal, Commerce and Contribution. These four areas converge much like the facets of a diamond. As we "polish" each facet, it adds to the brilliance of the whole of our development. The bar graph to the left shows the degree of skill acquisition you can expect as you work within each of the four development areas.

“Working with The Keys To The Corporate Kingdom has been an extraordinary experience. Not only did it provide vital mentoring on how to get the information needed to access and capture the attention of key decision makers in the corporate world, but it addressed each participants individual needs based on where they were in the process and what they needed to accomplish. Great program!"
Adrian Halperin

President, The House Doctor

"The Keys To The Corporate Kingdom lessons have been priceless. They provided clear concise steps with specific well-defined guidance. The facilitator’s involvement during the Q & A sessions inspired the process to move forward at a rapid pace, for this alone it was a Godsend."
Kathleen Mundy

Owner & CEO, Franchise Success Academy

"Working with The Keys to The Corporate Kingdom has really opened me to the process of engaging with corporations or any large organization. Now I have the tools to engage corporations, know how to find information about key people and where a company is heading as well as insights about what kind of material those key people would expect from me. I highly recommend The Keys to The Corporate Kingdom."
Kathleen Panning

Pastor, Aflame Ministry

It is without hesitation that I recommend “The Keys to the Corporate Kingdom.”  I've owned my Human Resources Consulting company for over 6 years.  I began to consider pursuing corporate accounts but had NO CLUE how to start.  I had worked for Fortune 500 companies but did not understand the process that potential corporate vendors needed to pursue in order to begin a working partnership.  The "Keys" was an outstanding step by step program that helped me poise my Company for landing corporate accounts.  Another benefit was the coaching and feedback provided throughout the modules.  The Q&A feedback allowed me to gain greater confidence and remain focused on the outcomes I needed to achieve for my company.  This program is definitely worth the financial investment you will make in your company’s future!
Di Ann Sanchez, PhD, SPHR

President & Founder, Sanchez & Associates

Interested In Our Programs?

For more information about our Velocity Factor consulting service, please send us a private message and how and when to best contact you.  We will personally reply and discuss the program details, format options, costs and benefits with you.  (Note: Your contact information will be held in total confidence.)

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